Project Description

BigBag filler

Categorie: Filling

The Allround BigBag filler is designed to fill BigBags continuously in the most gentle way possible. This is achieved by a fall damping system which automatically goes up as soon as the level of product in the BigBag requires.

Types and Specifications

BBF 01

Lenght 1500 mm
Width 1750 mm
Height 3500 mm

BBF 02

Lenght 1500 mm
Width 4000 mm
Height 3500 mm



Allround VP elevators are designed to overcome heights in production lines. The machine is designed to transport the produce in a gentle but fast manner. The belt has a double layer of PVC, two guide lines and is adjustable in height and in angle.

Estimated capacity

BBF 01 BBF 02
Capacity  9  9