Project Description

Allround integrated processing line 300 series (3)

Category: AIPL’s

​​The AIPL300 series is the best selling series in the range of Allround Integrated Processing Lines. As for all AIPL lines, the 300 series has a great range of possibilities.

Based on the requirements of the customer, Allround VP makes a detailed drawing of the line that would be most suitable in that particular situation.

All AIPL processing lines are easily extendable. In some cases, our customers would like to build their lines in phases, which is perfectly possible with an AIPL 300 line.

No drawing

Estimated capacity (tons/hour)

 Product Heavy Soil Light Soil
Carrots 2 3
Potatoes 5 7
Onions 3 5

Machinary list

Machines Type
Box tipper Z 160
Hopper B 100-300
Finger roller set V 100-5
Waste belt TB 200-40
Product belt TB 400-40
Washing machine U 300
Infeed belt TB 100-80
Polisher TD 250-12
Transport belt TC 225-40
Transport belt TCC 525-40
Transport belt TCC 850-60
Potato brush BR 100-13
Bypass belt TB 225-60
Onion topper A1
Transport belt TC 550-40
Elevator EL 375-90
Length grader L 120-2
Waste belt TB 200-60
Potato dryer DR 100-12
Bypass belt TB 225-100
Roller inspection table RI 100-400
Waste belt TB 250-40
Infeed belt TB 100-100
Radial grader R 120-70-3
Transport belt TC 450-40
Automatic weighing machine AW 50-2
Product belt TB 300-30
Automatic weighing & bagging station BS 25
Bag receiving belt 300-100
Bag receiving belt 200-60
Palletizer VPM 5 (Verbruggen)
Storage box tipper SHB 160
Elevator EL 450-60
Multihead weigher 2004 A (Manter)
Hand clipper HCL 912 (Manter)