Allround Storage

Allround Storage is now an integral brand within the Allround name. A dedicated production team is formed in India, where all the production is taking place. In the same place, all cooling equipment, loading and unloading machines and processing equipment is produced.

Allround Storage is able to provide technical assistance, involvement in the design process of the storage facility, calculations for needed cooling power based on climatological conditions and a balanced calculation of the best storage solutions in combination with the processing and loading and unloading lines.

Whenever you are interested in expanding or building a storage facility, Allround Storage is able to make you an offer complete with all necessary parts within 2 days. If you are interested in an approximate price for storage in your area, we will be able to give that immediately.

  • Complete solutions for: Storage, Distribution Centres, Mega food parks, loading and unloading equipments.

  • We are using the highest quality components in our products.

  • Allround will be able to make a equipment for storage, specifically for your situation.

Reasons to store

Find out the 5 reasons why to invest in an Allround Storage Solution

Storage conditions

Learn more about how you can optimize your Storage conditions and maintaining your product quality

Types of storages


Agricultural products are mainly stored in bulk, boxes or big-bags. Depending on the requirements and system, customers can choose for a forced air system or a natural aspire system. The best system is determined by the product that is stored, the construction of the building, the location of the building and the duration of the storage period. Allround Storage is able to supply ant system suitable for any climate.

Cooling equipments


Allround storage is able to deliver any storage system that is required. Most of the equipment needed is produced in house, so our customers are assured of the best price.

Loading and unloading equipments

Storage control/Data Mangement